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Towny Reborn update info and re-opening

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Managering, May 13, 2017.

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    Apr 17, 2016
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    Hey Rebirthians,

    As you all have noticed, the update is taking quite long.

    The plan was, Gold and I were going to move in a new spawn, update the version, create the resource world and preload it, decorate everything, check all plugins and boom, re-open.

    However Gold has had some personal circumstances making him unable to complete his part of the update (which is basically making everything pretty, not really my thing...)

    To not delay it any longer, the server will open minutes after this is posted.

    What has been done?
    - A new spawn has been created, it will be changed a bit over time to the feedback and Golds vision later.​

    - The server has been updated to 1.11.2, the normal map is not affected by this.

    -The resource world has been created, the world border is set to 2500. This map will reset every month, what day is to be determined later on.
    - New leaderboards have been set up in spawn, which might change over time. Suggestions are welcome and might be added if possible. The vote top board will return in a later stage.

    - The famous 'Chair' plugin has been added. One has to add signs to the side of a stair block to be able to sit on it. I haven't fully tested it yet, so we'll see how that goes.
    - Due to incompatibility the old combattag has been let go and replaced with a new system. You'll find this ingame.

    - Old pvp has been let go, for now at least. We are now using the 1.9 fighting mechanism. This means you can use the off-hand (I guess?). ​

    What has to be done?
    The reborn crate hasn't been created yet, as I have no clue what Gold has in mind for this.

    Gold announced new ranks benefits and plugins, again, no clue there.

    New chat layouts haven't been created yet.

    When will this be done?

    Date announced at later time.

    Have fun and a good day to all,

    ps. KattyMC helped me, thank her if you like the update ;)
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