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Towny Awakened - Kringle Crate!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Gold, Dec 9, 2016.

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  1. Gold

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    Mar 29, 2016
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    Before we begin, I'd like to make sure everyone knows we're hosting a build competition right now! You can view more information about that here.

    I'm happy to announce that we're launching our first ever limited crate, available exclusively on Towny Awakened from 12/10/16 - 12/31/16

    You can purchase Kringle crate keys here in amounts of 1, 3, 7, or 25. The contents of the crate can be viewed below.

    Kringle Crate Contents:
    • Kringle Pickaxe [+StatTrack, Explosive II]
    • Efficiency VIII
    • Fortune IV
    • Unbreakable
    • Mining any block automatically mines all other blocks within a 5x5 radius, this can be especially useful for clearing out large areas!
    • Includes Red / Green Christmas themed particle effects when mined!
    • Rudolph Pickaxe [+StatTrack]
    • Efficiency VIII
    • Unbreaking IV
    • Fortune IV
    • Frosty Axe [+StatTrack]
    • Efficiency VIII
    • Unbreaking IV
    • Santa's Head
    • Snowman's Head
    • Santa's Cane
    • Knockback III
    • Sharpness V
    • Snowman Spawner
    • Snowflake Prefix
    • Enable it upon typing /prefixes
    • Insurance Card
    • Apply this card to any item and you will retain it on death.
    • 50 mcMMO Credits
    • Redeemable to any skill you choose upon typing /redeem <skill> <amount>
    • 100 mcMMO Credits
    • Redeemable to any skill you choose upon typing /redeem <skill> <amount>
    We still have a whole lot more to announce in light of the Holiday season, stay tuned!
    - Gold
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