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Discussion in 'Important Information' started by Gold, Apr 17, 2016.

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    Not following any of the rules below will result in either a temporary mute, permanent mute, temporary ban, and a permanent ban from the RebirthCraft network. Please use common sense while debating whether or not something is wrong.

    Usage of an alternative account while temp banned/temp muted, Banned or muted on your main one is considered ban/mute evading and it will lead to the permanent ban of the alt account and possibly extending the ban/mute time on your main one as well.

    Joking about using a hacked client/admitting that you are using one will lead into a permanent ban.

    Rebirth Staff are not responsible for IRL (In real life) trades, excluding trades done on RebirthCraft store, do IRL trades at your own risk. (I'll still ban you with love if I find out it to be true -xoxo Managering)

    Donating 5$ to kindness of heart donation earns you the VIP rank, however it needs to be manually added, so please contact staff members to add it.

    You can not /redeem salvage or Smelting. You need to /redeem fishing or /redeem repair.

    Putting collectibles in /collectibles does NOT hold the collectibles. If you put them in there, we will not refund it.

    • You must obey a staff member’s final decision. Slander based on their ruling is not allowed. (This includes arguing a punishment)
    • Any exploiting of bugs, duping items or abusing plugins/items will result in a permanent ban.
    • Arguing your friends ban/mute/warn will result in the equal punishment for yourself
    • Bypassing a mute with an alt is punishable
    • Do not advertise other servers or websites. (This includes message)
    • Do not use hacked / modded clients, do not joke about having a hacked / modded clients, do not hackusate (use PM to staff) Xray texture packs are included in this rule.
    • Inappropriate skins, item names, or (nick)names are not allowed.
    • Do not scam/chat scam (This includes renaming items and selling them on /ah and such.) (This also includes salvaging things like luck shears and selling the enchant books on AH. They cannot be applied when salvaged.) *Doesn't count for TC apart from real life trades and cross server trades.
    • Any form of blackmailing will get you in just as much trouble, if not more.
    • Lying to a staff member about a report, appeal, or staff application will be punished.
    • Bypassing locks will result in a permanent ban without option for appeal. *Doesn't count for TC
    • Do not TPA kill, Spawn kill, Farm kill or make player traps
      Teleporting to a player, or teleporting a player to yourself, where you have no legitimate reason to kill them. Teleport killing also includes all commands that require a teleport. Example: /home, /back, /tpa, etc.
      Attacking a player to low health so they die to your thorns is still considered Teleport kill.
      Agreements to fight make a legitimate reason to kill each other. For example entering the server pvp arena.
      *Doesn't count for TC WAR time
    • Do not teleport to people to disarm them. *Doesn't count for TC
    • Do not AFK mine or AFK fish
    • Do not use Disguises, Pets, or any Modded clients in PvP.
    • Do not use the auction house for advertising purposes. (Advertising warps, towns, etc.)
    • The Staff team is not responsible for casino scams. Make them at your own risk.
    • No discrimination, harassment, or bullying based on one’s age, ethnicity, gender identity, or sexual preference.
    • All server rules apply to the server discord.
    • Stealing by un- arming is fair game on all servers
    • Sharing personal information of others is highly prohibited.
    • Respect towards all staff and players
      This means directing swear words at other players or use swear words over and over in chat is not allowed.
      This includes joking, if a staff believes a joke is disrespect, then they have the right to warn you.
    • Keep Swearing to a minimum.
    • Do not spam (this includes key spam, /afk spam and flooding chat)
    • Do not overly use caps
      Allowed: Please DON'T warn me for saying this.
      Allowed: LOL
      Not allowed: I LIKE PIZZA a lot.
      Not allowed: LOL ANYONE EVER SEEN UNICORNS? That is so magical!
    • Do not attempt to start a riot in chat.
    • Do not spread hate about the servers.
    • Any form of fake message, payment method (Example: /pay Diamonds -100, or "Suicide for free stuff, etc) will result in a punishment.
    • No Conversations about sexual, drug or alcohol related topics.
    • Do not use swear words, racial slurs, sexual/inappropriate/vulgar language directed towards another player
    • Religion & politics are allowed in chat, however, if a staff member believes a situation is beginning to get out of hand they have the power to end the conversation.
    • Bypassing the chat filter will result in punishment.
    • English is the only language permitted to be used in global channels of servers.
    • Chat formats (bold, strike-through, underline and any outside symbols) are not permitted.

    Gameplay Rules:

    • In-server scamming is allowed.
    • You may NOT scam between servers.
    • You may NOT scam for store items.
    • TP(A) killing is allowed (with the exception of purchasing of setting up a /warp trap via public warp token).
    • Over-claiming is allowed.
    • Griefing is allowed.
    Town / Nation Rules:
    • You may not abuse your towns' permissions.
    • You may not kick players from your town and immediately steal their loot. If you kick a player, 3 days must be granted for them to collect everything from their plot.
    • You may not destroy / build anything outside of your plot without the mayor / co-mayors permission
    • If your towns' plot permissions allow outsiders to access / destroy things, they are allowed to do so.
    • Do not make Swastikas, or any other inappropriate builds.
    • Do not use anything to bypass the AFK kick (pools/machines)
    • Spamming an arrow trail with the purpose of lagging others will get your arrow trail taken away.
    • Stealing from item frames and armor stands is allowed.
    • Stealing dropped items is allowed.
      Use /trade, so your dropped items are not stolen.
    • Stealing from unclaimed chests is allowed. Even within claimed area's (unless part of town with rules).
    • Griefing any claimed area, by either joining a town and then abusing given trust, or abusing perms (town staff) is not allowed. Do not abuse your mayor or town staff ability. Putting your town permission on outsiders means you give them permission to break in your town. This is not protected under the griefing rule.
    • This includes taking out money from the town without mayor's permission that was not yours, stealing from plots as mayor, griefing plots as mayor, etc.
    • If your town mayor is inactive for more than a month, please contact staff.
    • Players can retrieve items up to 3 days after being kicked from their town.
    • Claiming in unclaimed areas is allowed (This excludes within 4 plots of a town.)
    • Claiming around a town to prevent growth is seen as harassment.

    • Do not grief natural environment within 4 plots of an established town.
      use /towny map big.
      Examples: Grass next to a town, trees around a town, mountains next to town. terra formed environments included.
      What can be griefed:
      buildings and roads.
      *locks will not be removed within 4 plots of a town

    • Refusing to leave player's towns when asked by the Mayor or Staff is punishable.
      This includes standing right outside of their town.
      This EXCLUDES public warps.
    • Any town attempting to exploit paying their town upkeep by abusing the 4 plot rule will have the whole area unclaimed
    • Staff are not responsible for items lost in a Shulker Box or the player's second hand. Put items in there at your own risk.
    • Abuse of jobs using alts/friend/siblings/family members/dogs etc will result in punishments for all accounts involved.
    • No stealing out of locked chests.
    • Island farming is not allowed.
      [*]Restarting islands with alts/friends and constantly getting resources from the other island. Both the collector and the player will face punishment.
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