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Brief Questions and Answers:
Q: What exactly is all of this?
A: This is the teaser/announcement for our upcoming server release, Towny Chaos.

Q: Is Towny Chaos going to be separate from Towny Awakened and Towny Reborn?
A: Yes, this will be a whole new server.

Q: Wait.. is Towny Chaos releasing on 11.30.17?
A: No, we're just releasing all the details and information regarding it. The official release date will be included, we plan on releasing very early December.

Q: I have a rank on Towny Awakened or Towny Reborn, will this transfer to Towny Chaos?
A: Yes, all ranks purchased before the release of Towny Chaos will transfer. For now we will take the highest rank for each server and apply it. For example, if you have Rebirth on Towny Awakened but Elite on Towny Reborn, you will receive Rebirth on Towny Chaos.

Q: Hey wait, I have Rebirth on Awakened and Reborn, do I get anything special?
A: Yes, those who have Rebirth on both Awakened and Chaos will get some exclusive items and perks that will not be available to everyone after launch.

Q: Is there any upcoming sales on the store?
A: Yes! We're starting our 40% off Black Friday sale on 11.21.17 (Tuesday) and it'll end on 11.29.16 (Wednesday). Click here to checkout our store.​