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Starting on 9/5/16 the following changes will be made to town and nation prices.
They are as followed:
  • Increased TOWN Creation to $2,000,000
  • Increased NATION Creation to $10,000,000
  • Increased OUTPOST Creation to $25,000
  • Increased TOWN BLOCK Prices to $100 + 1.1% per additional
  • Increased TOWN BONUS BLOCK Prices to $100 + 1.1% per additional
  • Increased TOWN Daily upkeep to $25,000
  • Increased NATION Daily upkeep to $1,000,000
  • Increased maximum daily tax to 32%
Thank you for your continued support,
Hello everyone,

As awaited her are the Top 3 for roller coaster competition. I must say first there were exceptional builds, however these 3 stood out from everyone else's coasters.

1st: @Jaydian Hero Rank, Skylegend, Rank up to next rank, OR Equivalent worth of Hero in smaller items.
2nd: @amber94 Ultimate Rank, Skylord, Rank up to next rank, OR Equivalent worth of Ultimate in smaller items. (Redeemed)
3rd: @Shady_Narwhal Elite rank, Premium, Rank up to next rank, OR Equivalent worth of Elite in smaller items. (Redeemed)

Please message me on the forums on what server you would like the prize. Thanks for competing everyone! Don't forget to congratulate these people.

Congratulations to our top voters for August 2016!
  1. $50 | @Lemurmur (redeemed)
  2. $35 | AwesomesmileyPvP
  3. $20 | @MilkyZA (redeemed)
  4. $20 | @red_eye_008 (redeemed)
  5. $15 | @Teraevill
Send me a private message to redeem your store vouchers.
As a reminder, you can vote here and also have a possibility at being a top voter every month!

- Gold
Hello players of Rebirth.

Today, I've decided to bring in something special for the server. This was suggested by a user in off topic and it gave me an idea. That idea was to make a Discord server. So here we are today with Rebirth's new Discord server! Keep in mind this was made in an hour and I still have many things to do with it, so expect changes in the discord about, everyday until I get it perfect. :p You can talk, do voice chats with others and share youtube videos about Rebirth owo
I will be keeping you guys up to date with what we add onto the Discord, so don't forget about this post!

The link is right here:
Please do not forget to click on the #rules channel to read the rules of the Discord Server, thank you.

Glad to bring this into Rebirth, I hope you guys do enjoy it.

- Markohh
Hi there,

All is fixed


ps. @Turaab is now a moderator!
Hi there,

Some new changes in the staff team recently:

Lord_Jpie is no longer staff.

Negativexzero has become a new helper (for towny)
Julazify is also a new helper (for towny)

RubbelDieKatz and Trashcant have both been promoted to administrator.

That's all for now.


This is just a post to notify you all of the new changes in terms of server restarts. In the past few weeks we have had an influx of crashes and errors due to running the servers for too long. In order to increase efficiency and speed of our servers, the RebirthCraft team have decided to start automated restarts every night. Below is a list of times in which every server will reboot.

Towny Original - 1:01am EST
Towny Reborn - 2:01am EST
Skyblock - 3:01am EST

A full network restart has been discussed, but at the current time we have decided to keep it staggered per server, to reduce load on our backend servers. Each reboot should take at most 10 minutes, depending on data logging.

Thanks a ton for your continued support,
- All of the RebirthCraft team
Our website now fully supports(and enforces) HTTPS. For anybody interested, you can read exactly what it is here. In short, all of our traffic is now encrypted and extra secure! This is a great step for security and we're happy to be able to provide it.

This update contains mainly just bug fixes, but as always the change list will be listed below.

  • All players can now use received mcMMO credits via /redeem
  • The 'Decoration Blocks' section in /shop can now be used once again
  • You can now teleport directly to anthers Market World plot by typing /plot home <username>
  • Updated 1.8/1.9/1.10 client accepting protocol, if you were getting kicked randomly this should be resolved
  • Replaced 'Donate' warp with 'Casino' warp in the /warp selector
  • Gun powder has been added to /sell
We've been working really hard on pushing more updates and a secret project that you guys may hear about next week (not Skyblock related).


We're going to dub this update the 'GIGA' update! So many changes, and so many new features! Let's get started. As always, everything is listed below

Also, we're running a limited time GIGA Sale to celebrate!
50% OFF All The ENTIRE Store!
80% OFF All Skyblock Items!

  • New Spawn with the following additions
    • Much larger, and nicer
    • PVP Arena
    • Casino
    • Tutorials
    • Top Stats
    • Mob Farms
    • Crate Redemption Area
    • More detailed tutorial information
    • + more!
  • New 'Market World' plot world added
    • Premium and above members can claim a plot and build a shop using ChestShop!
  • Market World added to /warp
  • New 'GIGA' Crate added to the store with the following items
    • 100 mcMMO Credits
    • 200 mcMMO Credits
    • $30k IGM
    • $50k IGM
    • 3 Iron Golem Spawners
    • 3 Zombie Pigman Spawners
    • 3 Creeper Spawners
    • Giga Pickaxe
    • Giga Axe
    • Giga Pickaxe w/ StatTrack
    • Giga Axe w/ StatTrack
  • New 'GIGA' Pickaxe (with Stat Track!) added to the store with the following enchants
    • Efficiency 10
    • Unbreaking 10
    • Fortune 10
  • New 'GIGA' Axe (with Stat Track!) added to the store with the following enchants
    • Efficiency 10
    • Unbreaking 10
    • Fortune 10
  • The following items have been added to /sell
    • Blaze Rods
    • Sugar Cane
    • Cactus
    • Cocoa Beans
    • Melons
    • Pumpkins
  • Passive mobs no longer stack
  • Added Stained Clay to /shop 'Decoration Blocks'
  • Added Acia Sappling to /shop 'Decoration Blocks'
  • Added Nametags to /shop 'Misc'
  • Purchasing Orange Wool will now give Orange Wool instead of White Wool at /shop
  • Removed duplicated water bucket from /shop
  • New, advanced crate keys system
    • Convert your old keys at /warp oldcrates
  • Lockette added, tutorial is at spawn
  • Added /worth to SkyLord and above
    • Determine...