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  1. IMPORTANT: October 2017.
Hey guys,

I've got some good news and some bad news.
We're working on things and making progression.

The good news:
- Most of the server files that you guys use are intact. AKA: There won't be as much damage as anticipated by most of you guys.
- We are optimistic about the fix.

The bad news:
- The ETA is (latest) tomorrow evening. (American time zone)

While I am at it. Today was supposed to be release day/finish day for the creative server, ya know, anyone wanna make a throwback in the comments? I'm sure someone will.
So Instead. If all goes well, tomorrow evening (no time set yet) I will be releasing our creative server. No more delays. It's coming whether we get hacked or not.

Other news. It seems long ago, but 3 days ago I posted about Skyblock needing a new ore-generator and that I would find a developer for one to be custom made. I did! It will be installed soon after we get back online. So that's something for some of you to look forward to.

With good hope and faith,
Yours truly,
-Da Manager

PS. Show some love to the Sysadmin when this is all over with ;)