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Tonight we will have the entire network down for maintenance and we move our servers to upgraded infrastructure. We will begin the process of moving everything over and optimizing the new infrastructure at 12:01am EST on July 21st. The estimated downtime will be roughly 3-4 hours, depending on if any issues arise. There will be no data loss during this move, but the network will be inaccessible until we finish.


  • [*]12:01 AM: Network taken down
    [*]12:06 AM: Transfer started
    [*]12:10 AM: Full backups being made to storage machine
    [*]12:19 AM: Proxy transferred from storage machine to production machine
    [*]12:33 AM: Proxy transferred to new machine, up and running
    [*]12:39 AM: Databases exporting
    [*]1:08 AM: Updating all lobbies
    [*]1:17 AM: Lobbies Updated
    [*]1:18 AM: Updating Voting Management
    [*]1:37 AM: Lobbies up and running
    [*]1:46 AM: Proxy/Store updated; unBans will now automatically take effect within 15 minutes of purchase (no-longer manual)
    [*]2:03 AM: New database software installed and configured
    [*]2:25 AM: Ran into a few errors transferring the databases.. debugging
    [*]2:32 AM: Database issues resolved, continuing maintenance
    [*]2:34 AM: Moving Towny Reborn / Skyblock to new database system
    [*]2:37 AM: Moving Towny Awakened to new database system
    [*]2:40 AM: Towny Reborn / Skyblock transferred; configuring
    [*]3:10 AM: Towny Awakened configured and ready
    [*]3:32 AM: Importing global databases
    [*]3:54 AM: New firewall implemented; awaiting databases to finish
    [*]4:30 AM: Still Testing Servers
    [*]4:31 AM: Towny Awakened Databases Importing
    [*]4:43 AM: Skyblock up and running
    [*]4:58 AM: Skyblock and Towny Reborn are now open for players to join, Towny Awakened will soon follow
    [*]5:02 AM: Accidental Network Crash (whoops!)
    [*]5:13 AM: CoreProtect Data Restoring...
    [*]5:15 AM: Towny Reborn error, fixing (Blame @Managering)
    [*]5:23 AM: Towny Reborn back up and running
    [*]5:35 AM: Towny...