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This is just a reminder regarding in-real-life trades in exchange for in-game items. We do not support or condone this, and will not help you if you're scammed (with the exception of ranks). Please use your discretion.

- Diamonds1358

This update only effects Towny Reborn and Skyblock

We're going to make things a bit simpler when it comes to setting public warps :D From this point on, Public Warps have been permanently removed from the store and replaced with Warp Tokens. Upon purchase, you will receive a slime ball that's redeemable for one warp. Right-click your token to start the redemption process.

Warp Tokens can be purchase here for Reborn and here for Skyblock, as a reminder we're currently running a limited time 50% off sale, so get em' while they're cheap!

- Gold
Hi guys

I bet most of you know who I am.
Admining = Managering

I'd like to show (off) the changelog I have been keeping the past days.

Hey guys,

Update for day 2 of console for me;

Towny reborn
- Fixed plot clear. It now removes locks again.

- Ore generator now produces redstone, gold, sandstone and lapis aswell.
- More items in shop (get a prestige dead shrub for just 500000 (does nothing!))
- fixed some minor things

Hello there

I have gained access to console recently and have dedicated my time to fixing our bugs.
(Only for T2 and SB for now, no access to T1 yet)
Here's what has changed already:

Towny Reborn:
- Nations are creatable again.
- Players can now claim 1000 plots as their own (used to be 100).
- Reduced chance to daze players in PvP to reduce the 'daze bug'.
- Changed helper chat color (not that it affects you guys).
- Vote+ crate now announces credits and beacons aswell.
- Made the kits match the shop description (everything that isn't in there now will be changed in shop).
- /skills for information from info on the server. (permission.node is lost forever).
- /ranks shows information about ranks.
- Fixed the wrong texture diamonds being given out by voteparty.
- Pigs now stack in tiny stacks to prevent a bug

- Breed cap extended to 250.
- Reduced spawn rates for coal ore, iron ore, emerald ore and diamond ore in the ore generator.
- Set new player spawn point to the right world.
- Challenges actually give earned spawn eggs now.
- Fixed some typos.
- Added several items to /sell command
- Added 15 new items to /shop
- Sky Legends can now have 8 members on their island.

There are some more bugs I plan to fix soon like /plot clear on T2 ;).

Hello Rebirthians,

This post is simply to inform you guys of an thing I have noticed.

We have helpers, you (should) see them pretty much online at all times (not the same one).
What do they do?
They help you.
With what?

You need something done but require higher staff? Still, ask a helper.
We have a fabulous system with which they pass on requests to the higher staff.
Do not hesitate to ask a helper to help with setting a warp etc.

And do not forget, always say thank you, they are human too.

We have been recently been changing/adding new rules, please make sure to keep updated with the rules every once in the while. Most of these were existing rules, and these were just added to present more clarification. Hope you guys continue to enjoy! Have a good day

Rules changed/added -
+ Lying to a staff member about a report, appeal, or staff application will be punished.
+ Bypassing locks will result in a permanent ban without option for appeal.

+ Spamming a arrow trail with the purpose of lagging others will get your arrow trail taken away.
+ Refusing to leave player's towns when asked by the Mayor or Staff.
- This includes standing right outside of their town.
- Definition of TP killing: Tping to a player or tping a player to yourself, where you have no legitimate reason to kill them. There is no time frame for TP killing. Tp killing also includes all commands that require a teleport. Example: /home, /back, /tpa, etc..
- Attacking a player to low health so they die to your thorns is still considered Tpa killing.
- Tping to disarm a player

+ No AFK mining or AFK fishing

Hello everyone.

Recently I have yet again encountered duplications of items on skyblock. This is not the first time for any of our servers.
I'd like everyone to know; duping = perm ban. And with that, you ruin the economy.

So I have a request for all of you. If you see a drop party where stacks of IG spawners, OP items etc get dropped; it is most likely cheated.
Report it to a staff member right away.

If you do have duped items (from drop parties or whatever) please contact a staff member and get them destroyed, or do so yourself. If we want to keep our servers fun, you will know why.

Hello players.

For a long time, our server has been known for the no griefing rule. We have accumulated about 4000 bans for griefing by now (approx). Recently the discussion came up on the administration team and we have taken a vote on this matter.
This is from 1-10-2016 (1 october). any griefs before this will be punished. (We can see times on griefs!) This will be at 00.00 EST!

We are dropping the no griefing rule for unclaimed areas.

The new rules will be:
+ Griefing any claimed area, by either joining a town and then abusing given trust, or abusing perms (town staff) will not be allowed.
+ Wild area's are free to be griefed. Claim what is yours. There will be no rollbacks for lost items in wild.
+ Overclaiming will be allowed (not within 4 plots of another claim)

Edit: Overclaiming locked chests and plot clearing it will be allowed. Using other methods to bypass locks will not be allowed however.

Other update:

Lienke2000 resigned.

Wulfient has been promoted to moderator.

-Administration team.
There have been a few changes to the staff team recently, and I am here to announce it to you all!

Rick1005 has been demoted due to inactivity.

Shady_Narwhal and Markohh have both resigned as staff.

And OfficialDiamond is now a member of the staff team!

Please give a warm welcome to our new helper!