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I regret to inform everyone that Towny Awakened has experienced a 3 hour rollback (8 PM EST 11 PM EST) - , settings things back to roughly 8 PM EST. The perpetrator was a packet sending issue we had with one of our core plugins, which has since been updated & fixed.

Additionally, to prevent this from happening in the future we've decreased global save times to every 30 minutes and added a precautionary force-save priority in the event that Towny Awakened is to go down unexpectedly.

I'll be discussing with the staff team regarding what we should provide for compensation in exchange for the rollback.

Once again, I'm extremely sorry. We've fixed the issue (this will also fix the "You're sending too many packets!" kick error as well.

Don't wory though, we have a couple of action packed weeks ahead of us in light of the holiday season! (Events?? Event CRATES?? MEET SANTA!?)

- Gold
We're currently investigating the recent crashes related to Towny Awakened. We're going to preform a chunk scan on all the worlds to ensure that there's no corrupted (bad) chunks causing any issues, and if so fix them accordingly. I'll update this post as the maintenance persists. There is no ETA as of now.

9:24 PM: Maintenace started.
9:47 PM: Backup started.
10:01 PM: Scan started, ETA 23 Minutes.
10:41 PM: Scan completed, roughly 900 chunks detected and deleted (this is good).
10:41 PM: Testing..
10:45 PM: Test succesful. Towny Awakened reopening in 5 minutes after adding network-wide 1.11 support.
- Gold
I can proudly say that we're now beta testing our newly deployed chat system on Towny Awakened. You should be able to chat at free will now, and be able to message whomever you please. Usage is as followed:
  • /ch list - List channels
  • /ch g - Joins global (and default channel)
  • /ch l - Joins local channel (75 block radius)
At the moment there is no Town or Nation chat, nor do the channels overlap. These features will all be added within the next 72 hours.

This was a lot of hard work in a short period of time, so please applaud our developer @Cosmicluck for creating the plugin so quick! Please report any bugs in the proper forum.

- Gold
We're currently investigating two major problems regarding Jobs and chat. As of now, we've disabled Jobs on Towny Awakened because the payment listener has been causing insane lag spikes. We've contacted the developer and we're hoping to get a response ASAP.

Help I can't chat! We're aware, our developer has been working extra hard on our new chat plugin that will be ready within the next day. Hold tight!

Thank you guys for the bug reports, it's really helping us iron them all out, keep it up!
- Gold
Earlier today we launched our new server, Towny Awakened. The feedback has been ecstatic thus far, we're really happy you guys love it!
Aside from the lag issues that we've since fixed, we've been working our butts off fixing any bugs that arise. I cannot stress this enough, if you notice a bug report it on the website. It helps out tremendously and will allow us to patch it faster.

[Update: This should be resolved, thank you]
The most common bugs that we've noticed are that players are unable to join Towny Awakened because of a data loading error, if this is you then please hold tight. Our developers are working overtime to get this fixed as fast as possible, but from the looks of it we won't be apply to deploy a patch to fix this for a few days. My suggestion is to keep attempting to login if you cannot right now. We'll have you sorted soon (with compensation!)

Additionally, we're investigating an error where players are randomly kicked to Skyblock and the Hub with no warning.

Again, thank you guys for the continued support. The launch has been amazing so far!
- Gold

I hope everyone liked the little trailer we made above, it has some easter eggs in so make sure to watch it again! Let's dive into the realm of Towny Awakened and (almost) everything it has to offer.

Official launch date and time: November 11th, 2016 @ 5 PM EST.

What's transferring:
  • All Towny ranks (with the exception of the [+] rank add-on
  • All Public Warp purchases made since March 2016
  • All Town Bonus Block purchases made since March 2016
  • All Crate Key purchases made within the last 30 days

Now that we've got that out of the way, let's talk about what's new with Towny Awakened

Full 1.10+ Support
  • We're dropping 1.8 for Towny Awakened. More and more plugins are updating to 1.10+ and we need to as well.
  • There will be 1.8 PVP Mechanics

New unified and clean look
  • One of the biggest things we've spent time working on is the look of the server, and I can honestly say it's one of the best we've ever done.

New Spawn
  • Obviously, but this is really cool!

New GUI-based Bounty System
  • Our new bounty system brings back the thrill of hunting or being hunted. Completely GUI-based, the seamless design allows you to place or see all the bounties available. Good luck. (/bounty)

  • Enhance your rank with our all new gui-based collectibles. You can obtain collectibles through voting, and when you have all eight just type /collectibles and redeem them for your free [+] rank add-on!

New GUI-based Shop
  • All buying / selling will be done through our new gui-based shop system (/shop)

New PVP Arena
  • Finally! This arena was designed from the ground up with PVP in mind, and offers many vantage points for all players alike

PVP Events
  • Every 60 minutes a crate filled with goodies...

Greetings, as most of you have seen by the video above, the RebirthCraft Team has been working hard on our next server release, Towny Awakened.

I'm sure many of you have questions, and hopefully we can highlight and answer them in the brief Q&A below.

Q: When is Towny Awakened launching!?
A: Soon, but the official date will be revealed along with the full trailer on November 6th.

Q: Will our Towny ranks transfer?
A: Yes, with the exception of the collectible rank add-on.

Q: Is this replacing Towny Original?
A: Yes.

Q: Will any other miscellaneous purchases be transferred?
A: Any miscellaneous purchases made on Towny Original in the last 30 days will be transferred or converted to their Towny Awakened counterpart.

Q: So like.. when can I find out what new features & additions Towny Awakened offers?
A: November 6th.

Q: I have a question that wasn't answered above, where can I ask it?
A: Down below.

Q: So Gold, is this why you've been gone for the last month?
A: Yes, yes it is.

This is just the beginning, we have a whole bunch of stuff to reveal before launch. I'm listening, don't worry ;)
- Gold


PS: Our 50% off SPOOKY Sale ends on Thursday! Take advantage of it while you can.
NegativexZero and Julazify have both resigned.

On a happier note: amber94, OfficialDiamond, and Jaydian are now mods.

That is all.
Hey guys,

A while ago (read as 2 months ago) a maze was made on skyblock. I kinda forgot about it a couple of times and was waiting on a good time to use it. But I figured, if its good I will make a new one later!

So this friday we will use it, 5pm EST it will start, be there in time!

Hope a lot of you will try to beat the maze. I will think of some neat prizes.

Congratulations to our top voters for September 2016!
  1. $50 | CrafterAlexLee (redeemed)
  2. $35 | lemurmur (redeemed)
  3. $20 | MC_rocks123 (redeemed)
  4. $20 | Broomy663 (redeemed)
  5. $15 | Rakoch_ (redeemed)
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As a reminder, you can vote here and also have a possibility at being a top voter every month!

- Daniel