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The following rules apply to Towny Chaos only.
Last Updated: 12/14/17 by @Gold

General Rules:
  • You must obey a staff member’s final decision. Slander based on their ruling is not allowed. (This includes arguing a punishment)
  • Any exploiting of bugs, duping items or abusing plugins/items will result in a permanent ban.
  • Arguing your friends ban/mute/warn will result in the equal punishment for yourself.
  • Bypassing a mute with an alt is punishable.
  • Do not advertise other servers or websites. (this includes message)
  • Do not use hacked / modded clients. Do not joke about having a hacked / modded client, do not hackusate (use PM to staff). X-Ray texture packs are included in this rule.
  • Lying to a staff member about a report, appeal, or staff application will be punished.
  • Do not AFK-mine or AFK-fish
  • Do not use Disguises, Pets, or any modded clients for PVP.
  • Do not use the auction house for advertising purposes (warps, towns, etc)
  • No discrimination, harassment, or bullying based on one’s age, ethnicity, gender identity, or sexual preference.
  • Sharing personal information of others is highly prohibited.
Chat Rules:
  • Respect towards all staff and players
  • Try and keep swearing to a minimum
  • Do not spam (this includes Keeeeeeey spam, /afk spam, and flooding chat)
  • Try and keep CAPS use to a minimum.
  • Religion & politics are allowed in chat, however, if a staff member believes a situation is beginning to get out of hand they have the power to end the conversation.
  • Bypassing the chat filter will result in punishment.
  • English is the only language permitted (this way staff can still enforce chat rules) to be used in the global channel.
  • Chat formats (bold, strike-through and any outside symbols) are not permitted.
Gameplay Rules:
  • In-server scamming is allowed.
  • You may NOT scam between servers.
  • You may NOT scam for store items....