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It's with a heavy heart that I regret to inform you all that at approximately 4:00 PM EST, 8/4/17 two of our game servers were compromised. No sensitive data was effected such as payment information and store data as we don't store any of that on our local machines. It should be noted we were able to act on the situation within 15 minutes of it occurring.

The breach took place on Towny Awakened and Towny Reborn. Let me preface this by saying our machines were NOT hacked. The breach only occurred within our game servers themselves, at no point access was granted to our backend systems. The infiltrators were able to take advantage of a firewall glitch that was a result of an unauthorized power cycle by our hosting provider. Essentially our firewall was shutoff and we weren't alerted, as a result offline players could join the servers directly as high ranking staff (such as myself and @Managering) and forcefully assign themselves destructive permissions.

We've since added a fail-safe measure to our firewall to ensure this doesn't happen again, along with implementing strict login protocols for any high ranking staff member. Below is a list of effected servers and details regarding each.

Towny Awakened (ETA 12 AM EST):
  • All players online at the time of the breach were teleported to spawn and promptly killed, losing what they had in their inventory. If you were effected please make a post regarding what you lost and we will reimburse you.
  • All players online at the time of the breach were given 10 Trillion dolllars in-game.
  • Any player that voted on 8/4/17 and was online during the time of the hack should have no problems with their balance as we were able to get an accurate assumption from our logs.
  • Any player that was online at the time of the breach and did not vote on 8/4/17 will have their balance rolled back precisely one week. If you have any proof of balance later then one week feel...