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Hello everyone,

As some of you may, or may not, have noticed: The rules changed bit by bit. New rules are added, and some were removed. Some rules have been clarified to prevent any confusion.

Now, the rules are finished. They are redefined, in a new fresh order that makes sense and categorized so you wont have to search for 10 minutes when you want to know something.

Please have a look at the rules and their clarifications. If anything isn't clear please reply in the comment section.

- Rebirthcraft management

For the lazy people:
Congratulations to our top voters for December 2016!
  1. $62.50 | Sneaknup (Redeemed)
  2. $62.50 | Iamsam24 (Redeemed)
  3. $35 | Vadimonium (Redeemed)
  4. $20 | Alexyss (Redeemed)
  5. $15 | DonnyLDeup (Redeemed)
We had two #1 voters this month (Sneakup and Iamsam24) so as a result we've added both #1 and #2s rewards together ($125 total) and split them in half, they will be rewarded equally to both Sneakup and Iamsam24 ($62.50 each) respectively.
Send me a private message to redeem your store vouchers.
As a reminder, you can vote here and also have a possibility at being a top voter of the month!


Our Christmas build event has ended, and the winners are in! Feel free to view the original thread here to see all the submissions. The submissions were fantastic and really brought the holiday spirit to RebirthCraft :) The winners are below:
  1. $100 Voucher | @Reeps | Submission
  2. $50 Voucher | @CaptanAmerica | Submission
  3. $35 Voucher | @Jaydian | Submission
  4. $25 Voucher | @Georgeeeee | Submission
Send myself or @Managering a private message to claim your vouchers!

Secondly, we're running one heck of a sale from now until January 1st, take advantage of 50% OFF our entire store! This is one of our largest and most limited sales to date. Keep your eyes out for some limited time bundles come December 25th ;)
Store link:

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
- Gold
[​IMG] [​IMG]


I'm making this post to inform everyone that we're now running our 20% OFF Holiday Sale, starting 12/16/16 and ending 12/31/16! Be sure to take advantage of the savings while you can, Happy Holidays!

- Gold
As of 8 PM EST on 12/15/16 ALL Custom Enchants and Custom Items have been temporarily disabled so we can rule out them being a possible cause for the recent crashes. The following items will not work until later 12/16/16.
  • Explosive Pickaxe (explosiveness only)
  • Kringle Pickaxe (explosiveness only)
  • StatTrack Lore
  • Any NON-Vanilla Enchant
Once again, this is only TEMPORARY! Less then a day :)
My apologies,

Before we begin, I'd like to make sure everyone knows we're hosting a build competition right now! You can view more information about that here.

I'm happy to announce that we're launching our first ever limited crate, available exclusively on Towny Awakened from 12/10/16 - 12/31/16

You can purchase Kringle crate keys here in amounts of 1, 3, 7, or 25. The contents of the crate can be viewed below.

Kringle Crate Contents:
  • Kringle Pickaxe [+StatTrack, Explosive II]
  • Efficiency VIII
  • Fortune IV
  • Unbreakable
  • Mining any block automatically mines all other blocks within a 5x5 radius, this can be especially useful for clearing out large areas!
  • Includes Red / Green Christmas themed particle effects when mined!
  • Rudolph Pickaxe [+StatTrack]
  • Efficiency VIII
  • Unbreaking IV
  • Fortune IV
  • Frosty Axe [+StatTrack]
  • Efficiency VIII
  • Unbreaking IV
  • Santa's Head
  • Snowman's Head
  • Santa's Cane
  • Knockback III
  • Sharpness V
  • Snowman Spawner
  • Snowflake Prefix
  • Enable it upon typing /prefixes
  • Insurance Card
  • Apply this card to any item and you will retain it on death.
  • 50 mcMMO Credits
  • Redeemable to any skill you choose upon typing /redeem <skill> <amount>
  • 100 mcMMO Credits
  • Redeemable to any skill you choose upon typing /redeem <skill> <amount>
We still have a whole lot more to announce in light of the Holiday season, stay tuned!
- Gold
Seasons greetings! We're getting in the Christmas spirit over here at RebirthCraft and we're all hoping that you can all join us! What better way to celebrate the Holidays then a build event!?

Your task:
  • Decorate and / or create a Christmas / Holiday themed town or island. You can help each other build, but only the person who submits the build will be rewarded with the voucher.
  • You can only submit one build.
  • You can make changes to your build, but all pictures/changes must be made and updated before December 23rd, 2016 @ 12 AM EST.

Please post your responses in the following format:
  • Christmas-y Town Name / Island
  • Town Name / Island
  • Warp name (if applicablee)
  • Pictures
Prizes are as followed:
  1. $100 Voucher
  2. $50 Voucher
  3. $35 Voucher
  4. $25 Voucher
All entries must be submitted below by December 23rd, 2016 @ 12 AM EST
Be creative and have fun with it! Add some Christmas trees, snow, anything you can think of :) This also won't be the only event we'll doing before Christmas ;)

Good luck and Happy Holidays!
- Gold
Hey guys,

I have boosted a few jobs, will boost more later today as well.
Multiple items have been added to the builder job and a few small changes in others.

Cauldrons and buckets have been lowered in sell prices.

Edit: messed something up on job payouts. Will be fixed in 6h.

Due to the increase in both players and active hoppers on Towny Awakened, we're going to make the following changes to help stabilize server TPS even under super heavy loads.

Now I'm sure a lot of you are asking: Gold, will it break my auto-sorting-generating-miner-brewery-thingy??
The answer? Yes and no. As of the next restart, hoppers will now move 3 items every 32 ticks as opposed to the previous 3 items every 16 ticks. If you make the necessary changes, nothing should break.

I'd like to stress that this is just a test at the moment, and numbers will be adjusted and compromised to according to results and community feedback.

- Gold
Congratulations to our top voters for November 2016!
  1. $50 | Wester (not redeemed)
  2. $35 | How2Bow (not redeemed)
  3. $20 | CrafterAlexLee (redeemed)
  4. $20 | Rsyk (redeemed)
  5. $15 | leolover (not redeemed)
Send me a private message to redeem your store vouchers.
Additionally, we'll be changing our top voter rewards starting this month! They are now as followed:
  1. $75 Voucher
  2. $50 Voucher
  3. $35 Voucher
  4. $20 Voucher
  5. $15 Voucher
As a reminder, you can vote here and also have a possibility at being a top voter of the month!