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Hey y'all,

I'm very happy to announce that Towny Reborn is now back up. I am very sorry that it took this long for the server to come back online and I take full responsibility for this downtime. I am working with other staff members to put in place better systems so that we will never have this long of downtime of a server ever again. I am very pleased to announce that I have managed to roll the damage back to a point where most things should be exactly where you last left them before the incident. For most players: all of your bases, towny data, balance, ranks, chests, inventories, should be just as you left them before the incident. However, there might be a few who may have lost a little data due to being on right at the time of the incident. Also McMMO has been reset. Please report any issues you have and I hope you have a happy new year. Look forward to great things in the coming year from RebirthCraft.

Yours Truly,