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We want to release our new Creative server with it as fine as can be, therefore we've had to delay it for some last minute improvements (to avoid any further server closures). The new release date is Friday 6 PM EST.

The end date of our Creative build competition remains Sunday 5PM EST. To make it a little more exciting, the main price will be the top rank for creative. This event will be Creative only. The builds must be summer themed. Sign up will be available on Thursday.

Ranks will be visible in the shop on the day of the Creative server's launch (not prior to it as stated in previous announcements).

Compensation and top vote prices:
Located here: Be sure to submit your name before time runs out!
Both compensation and top vote prices will be given out on May 5th.

Due the recent downtime, we've went ahead and given the top voters 1-3 the #1 reward ($50) and top voters 4-5 the #2 reward ($35). With that being said, here are the top voters from April, 2016.

#1 ($50) - Ryanisqairde | 142 Votes
#2 ($50) - Teraevill | 138 Votes
#3 ($50) - ZaneZen | 137 Votes
#4 ($35) - Whateveridk and Vigiles | 135 Votes
#5 ($35) - XxADZ_PunisherxX and Wiltronic | 134 Votes

Please PM Gold with the items you would like and what accounts you would like them redeemed on.

Congratulations to all of our top voters!
Greeting everyone!

I have multiple things to report for you guys, as the title suggests, there is a small delay in the creative release. I also have some sneak peak info on creative that I am allowed to share. And the question, who won top voters?

Sadly, we are going to have to delay the release, a little only though.
The new release time; Monday, 7PM EST. As you may have noticed there have been problems regarding the transfer etc. so that causes us to need more time to prep creative for all your idea's and creativity.
With creative comes a build contest to celebrate it's arrival. Sign up will be available from tomorrow on using a form that will be posted. The contest will be held from Friday till Sunday 5PM EST. More information on this will be made public soon.
So many questions are about regarding creative...

First off, ranks;
Creative will have it's own set of donor ranks, you can see all the information on these ranks later tonight (and of course buy them) in the donation store.

Will we have access to world edit?
Yes, in a limited form, for both donors and voters. More information on this will follow.

There will be a new vote system for creative, there will be a new ingame shop assessed by /vs, in this you can buy a new plot and more. And as stated above, worldedit time will be earned with voting.

Top voters
Information on top voters will be posted shortly. It is being worked on as we.. you read.

When will the sale end?
The sale will end at 3AM, EST. Make sure to use the sale while you can.

The server (skyblock mainly) has been having some issues past few days, we are continuously working on fixing this. Once our transfer is 100% completed we should be 100% air time, 0 downtime.

I hope you are...
We're currently experiencing networking issues on one of our machines. We have technicians at the data center activity investigating the situation. I will keep you guys updated as we receive new
UPDATE: The network is back online, Towny Reborn is still offline and will be up momentarily.
UPDATE: Everything is back online.
My apologies.
- Gold
Greetings everyone.

Everything is back to normal!

We'd like to update you all that the server is experiencing some trouble at the moment and requires Sinjin or Golds help. We apolozige for the down time again. There are New features being created for admins like me to recover the server from crashes. This will hopefully be here soon.

Again, sorry for the downtime.

At the time of me posting this, all servers on are back online running on our new machines. It's been a bit of a crazy last few days for us.

Our new machines were experiencing CPU issues and connection issues with our databases, which have since been resolved. If you are experiencing or notice any bugs / issues, report them on the forums in their respective sections.

We're going to go ahead and offer compensation for anybody that wants it up to May 5th for our downtime.
You may choose one of the following compensation packages for the server of your choice.
Towny Original:
  • x10 Vote Crate Keys
Towny Reborn:
  • x10 Vote Crate Keys
  • 10 Rebirth Points
  • x10 Vote Crate Keys
You must comment your Minecraft username with the compensation package of your choice below by May 5th.

Creative is launching this Sunday, so get ready for some epic build offs and contests! More information about that and the new Party Crate will be out soon.

Also, here is a link of the new hub if you haven't already seen it!

Once again, I am truly sorry for unexpected downtime that we've been having in the past few days - at least it's for a good reason though! I can't wait to share some awesome new information with you guys soon.

- Gold
Just a small update for our forum stalkers, the ones at work etc. Towny 2 is back up. Towny 1 is not back up yet, it will be up later.

Greetings everyone!

I know it is taking a while, and since the transfer does not show progression (....), it could be done any moment (or not :( ) Expectation is about a hour, but can't be said for sure.

But I also have good news!
Remember creative? Yeah it is coming. How soon? Well you can count the days on your fingers. Sunday (no time set yet) creative, our first 1.9 server will launch. More information on this will follow soon, very soon.

After our database transfer (which is happening now) we won't be seeing those annoying lag spikes on Towny anymore (hurray!).

See you all soon, on our not at all laggy server!


My apologies for the short notice (again), but we will performing much needed server maintenance today at approximately 1 AM, EST. Expected downtime is 6 hours. (No more maintenance after this, woo!)

UPDATE: Taking a bit longer then expected, it shouldn't be THAT longer :)
UPDATE 2: Databases are loading up, it's pretty much the last step but there's no way to tell how long / how far along it is.
UPDATE 3: The databases are restoring (almost there!). There is no visible way to tell how long this is going to take, my apologies.

My apologies for the short notice, but we will performing much needed server maintenance today at approximately 12 AM, EST. Expected downtime is 2 hours.

Many improvements will stem with the maintenance, two of the biggest being drastically improved connections worldwide and much more powerful server hardware.

Once again, I'm very sorry for the short notice but extremely excited that we're able to move forward!
I'll update this periodically as the update is underway.

UPDATE 1: Transfer started.
UPDATE 2: Towny Original completed, beginning Towny Reborn.
UPDATE: 3: We we're able to transfer our servers to the new machines, but no the databases. It would have taken way longer then expected to continue to transfer the databases so I've put the servers back up and we'll continue this sometime later tonight. Enjoy!

- Gold
Welcome to the new RebirthCraft website. We've been working extremely hard to ensure that the this website completely blows away our old one in both available features and looks.

In celebration of our new website launch, we're running a 30% OFF Sale on our store! Take advantage of it while you can.

New Features and Improvements:
+ Built from the ground up to be mobile optimized, so the website will still be functional no matter what the website will still look pretty even if you are on a desktop or a mobile device / tablet
+ Calm, blue color scheme for readability
+ New private messages system
+ New Helper Applications system
+ New Ban Appeals system
+ New 'Reactions' instead of likes/thumbs up
+ Signifigantly faster loading times
+ Much better thread reporting system
+ Matching BuyCraft store theme
+ New top voters voucher system instead of giving regular ranks
+ New, robust thread administration tools for the staff team

If you find any bugs, please report them here.
If you have any questions feel free to ask them below, we'll try our best to respond to them all.

Also, as a quick note rank tags for the time being will not transfer to the site. Only staff members will retain their tags for now until we can find a suitable replacement.

I can't wait to tell you guys' about all sorts of awesome other updates coming to Rebirth in the future! For now, cya on the server!
~ Gold