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Hey y'all!

We now have a total of six vote sites you can vote on to receive rewards and strive for top voter!

New vote site:

All of the vote links:

Keep in mind this will not affect the top vote.

Have a great day!
Hello Rebirthians,

The vote top was a bit lost but @Teraevill had the results (thank you!)

- Nicolada @Nicolada
- claytonbmartin @claytonbmartin
- kalkatak @Kalkatak
- Ejjong @Ejjong
- KingNewbai_
- Teraevill @Teraevill
All got first place. The total prize will be divided across them rounding it up to 35$ a person.
Every winner will also get two free memorial crate keys to celebrate the new crate!

As a thank you for @Teraevill for providing the results (which all the staff forgot, oops!) he will receive an extra key!

Pm me on the site for your voucher + on what server you'd like to receive your key!

Additionally: We've launched a new limited crate! Check it out on the store:
Crate will stay till the 4th of July.

Enjoy your weekend people!
Hello Rebirthians,

EDIT: Towny Reborn is now back up! We have solved the safemode issue and maintenance is complete. Lottery has also been re-added!

Currently Towny Reborn is whitelisted as the server has gone into safemode.

We hope to have this issue resolved before tomorrow!

Hope you all have a great day,
Greetings Rebirthians,

A special day for America, becomes a special day for all, with a sale! We all love a sale right?

I am aware that the limited crate said 27th-29th, but due to some complications we're moving this date to later next week/next weekend.

What will the chest contain?
New prefixes, a nice sword, a new pickaxe, a steak (yeah that's right, steak), and some more items which I will not reveal yet ;)

When will the sale start? In a few minutes.
The sale will be 20% off of pretty much everything. The sale will end on June 5th since the crate is taking a bit longer.

Enjoy it and have a great day,
- Daniel
Hey Rebirthians,

As you all have noticed, the update is taking quite long.

The plan was, Gold and I were going to move in a new spawn, update the version, create the resource world and preload it, decorate everything, check all plugins and boom, re-open.

However Gold has had some personal circumstances making him unable to complete his part of the update (which is basically making everything pretty, not really my thing...)

To not delay it any longer, the server will open minutes after this is posted.

What has been done?
- A new spawn has been created, it will be changed a bit over time to the feedback and Golds vision later.​

- The server has been updated to 1.11.2, the normal map is not affected by this.

-The resource world has been created, the world border is set to 2500. This map will reset every month, what day is to be determined later on.
- New leaderboards have been set up in spawn, which might change over time. Suggestions are welcome and might be added if possible. The vote top board will return in a later stage.

- The famous 'Chair' plugin has been added. One has to add signs to the side of a stair block to be able to sit on it. I haven't fully tested it yet, so we'll see how that goes.
- Due to incompatibility the old combattag has been let go and replaced with a new system. You'll find this ingame.

- Old pvp has been let go, for now at least. We are now using the 1.9 fighting mechanism. This means you can use the off-hand (I guess?). ​

What has to be done?
The reborn crate hasn't been created yet, as I have no clue what Gold has in mind for this.

Gold announced new ranks benefits and plugins, again, no clue there.

New chat layouts haven't been created yet.

When will this be done?

Date announced at later time.

Have fun and a good day to all,

ps. KattyMC helped me, thank her if you like the update ;)
Hello Rebirthians!

We will be relaunching Reborn tomorrow, we have a couple of reasons for this;

Firstly, the Mojang login servers have been down for a little while, due to this we wanted to wait until more players were able to join for the reopening!

Secondly, we have a few things to finish up that we haven't been able to get done tonight due to some unforseen circumstances.

Hope you all have a great day, evening or night,
Rebirth management.
It's been a long while since we've done any updates to Towny Reborn, so we're going to change that and start things off with a bang! We'll be doing planned maintenance on Towny Reborn from 6 PM EST - 9 AM EST on 5/11/16. Dozens of plugins will be updated along with the servers game version and spawn.

What to expect:
  • Minimum game version of 1.11.x required
  • New, re-imagined spawn
  • Fresh resource world for all of your mining needs, will reset every month and will be accessible via /warp resourceworld
  • New chat formats for dozens of plugins
  • New 'Reborn' Crate (details will be released soon)
  • New rank perks & additions (details will be released soon)

That's just a general overview of what's coming later this week. We have so much more planned, stay tuned!
- Gold
Greetings Rebirthians,

The resource world has been awaiting its introduction for long enough now.
In the post below is an event for the release of the end.
After this event has ended, the resource world will open.

In the resource world one may mine and dig all they want.
The resource world has a world border set at 15.000 on all sides.
The reset will be done once every 1-3 months depending on how bad the damage is.

The new world is 1.11.2, so there's all the good stuff like llamas.

You may use /warp resource or /rtp resource to arrive in this new world.

Rebirth management.
Hey y'all!

Due to popular demand, the end world has been released! With it comes an epic dragon to battle and players to fight.

What to expect:
  • One dragon (killer gets the egg)
  • Pvp will be turned ON, so be prepared to fight!
  • Once you die, you're out.
  • Fly will be turned off.
Information on how to get to the end will be announced tomorrow.

I will be hosting this on May 4th at 3pm EST.

Hope to see you there,
Hello Rebirthians,

Since I am getting bullied with mails for vote top, here it is!

1. 75$ A6n2 with the maximum amount of votes possible.
2. 35$ warmen, ikeriniker, xEternalRay
3. 15$ caganair, Jesseartistbear1, Shmokeman

Mail me on the site to redeem your voucher. Congrats!
  1. $75 first spot
  2. $50 second spot
  3. $35 second spot
  4. $20 second spot
  5. $15 third spot x3

    (50+35+20)/3 = 35
    15 x3 /3 = 15 (boom advanced math, added 30$ to top voter prizes so they don't get like 5$ each on third place)
Won't be long till we have 5 first spots if this continues though!

What else is new?
Happy to say, the extreme lag issue on TA (seems to be) is resolved after finding out that the version we were running had an experimental method for chunks to load. This didn't really work out, so we updated and it is good now.

What does that mean?
Less lag, by a lot.
The clearlag timer has been changed from 2 minutes back to 5 minutes again.

Have a good day everyone,