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Hello everyone,

From this moment forward a new rule is in order.
Due to the abuse of the assasin job that has been brought to my attention we are now banning the use of alts for job killing reward.
You are no longer allowed to kill players over and over with the sole purpose of farming money. Abusing this rule will punish all accounts involved.

That's all,
Enjoy your weekend!

As many of you are aware I've taken a leave of absence for the past few months in an attempt to focus on my schoolwork and prepare for the SATs. Now that you guys have some context to my whereabouts, I'm happy to say that I've officially returned.

I'd like to personally thank Daniel (@Managering) for keeping things running so smoothly during my absence. Not everyone realizes the amount of work he does for RebirthCraft, and it's way more then what everyone thinks. Please show him a lot of love and support for such a job well done!

Thank you,
Hey peoples,

We'll be running a 1 day 10% (It's actually like 18 hours) sale from this moment on.

Players suggested it to celebrate my birthday, so sure, why not?


Store link:


Below are our top voters for February.

1. Kyrillos [X]+ Wester16 [X] +Wiltronic with 28 votes average
2. xEternalRay with 27.something votes average
3. CrafterAlexLee + Jhesi with 27 votes average

As you see there are 6 top voters. The rewards are as following:
1. 50$/person
2. 30$/person
3. 20$/person

Pm me to claim your store voucher! Thank you everyone who votes to support the network!

Enjoy your day everyone.
Hello players,

Tonight at 11PM EST a network wide + TA specific maintenance will be scheduled.
This maintenance should not take longer than 2 hours. During this time all server or just specific servers could reboot and be down for a bit of time.

Have a good day everyone, I'll ask our system admin to keep you all informed.

- Managering

Its done.
I'm making this post to inform everyone that we're now running our 25% OFF Valentines Day Sale on our store, starting 2/10/17 and ending 2/17/17! Be sure to take advantage of the savings while you can, be sure to get your valentine something special!

Additionally, we've added a limited time Valentines Day crate to all servers within our network, you can purchase keys each server respectively on our store here.

We've also added a community goal to the store called '#ShareTheLove'. When met, all players online Towny Awakened and Towny Reborn will receive a 10% job payout boost for 10 minutes!

Store link:

- Managering
Congratulations to our top voters for January 2017!
  1. $75 | @Ser_Phobos (not redeemed)
  2. $50 | Wiltronic (not redeemed)
  3. $35 | Jhesi (not redeemed)
  4. $20 | Kanahei_hiroka (not redeemed)
  5. $15 | Sneakup (not redeemed)
Send me a private message to redeem your store vouchers.
As a reminder, you can vote here and also have a possibility at being a top voter of the month!
Hello everyone,

As some of you may, or may not, have noticed: The rules changed bit by bit. New rules are added, and some were removed. Some rules have been clarified to prevent any confusion.

Now, the rules are finished. They are redefined, in a new fresh order that makes sense and categorized so you wont have to search for 10 minutes when you want to know something.

Please have a look at the rules and their clarifications. If anything isn't clear please reply in the comment section.

- Rebirthcraft management

For the lazy people:
Congratulations to our top voters for December 2016!
  1. $62.50 | Sneaknup (Redeemed)
  2. $62.50 | Iamsam24 (Redeemed)
  3. $35 | Vadimonium (Redeemed)
  4. $20 | Alexyss (Redeemed)
  5. $15 | DonnyLDeup (Redeemed)
We had two #1 voters this month (Sneakup and Iamsam24) so as a result we've added both #1 and #2s rewards together ($125 total) and split them in half, they will be rewarded equally to both Sneakup and Iamsam24 ($62.50 each) respectively.
Send me a private message to redeem your store vouchers.
As a reminder, you can vote here and also have a possibility at being a top voter of the month!


Our Christmas build event has ended, and the winners are in! Feel free to view the original thread here to see all the submissions. The submissions were fantastic and really brought the holiday spirit to RebirthCraft :) The winners are below:
  1. $100 Voucher | @Reeps | Submission
  2. $50 Voucher | @CaptanAmerica | Submission
  3. $35 Voucher | @Jaydian | Submission
  4. $25 Voucher | @Georgeeeee | Submission
Send myself or @Managering a private message to claim your vouchers!

Secondly, we're running one heck of a sale from now until January 1st, take advantage of 50% OFF our entire store! This is one of our largest and most limited sales to date. Keep your eyes out for some limited time bundles come December 25th ;)
Store link:

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
- Gold