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Hai Rebirthians,

I'm here to announce that a resident cap will arrive shortly on Towny Awakened and Towny Reborn.
This cap will be set to 750 residents. Once 750 residents have been reached, no new residents can be invited to join a town.

With this the inactivity clear will be changed to 31 days instead of 61 days. This will help keeping spots open to add new residents for bigger towns. This will be done around 3 pm EST this Friday, so be there for some raid possibilities.
Inactivity clear happens when a resident is offline for a longer period of time. Once this time is achieved, their resident data will be cleared.

With this I would also like to announce the new material kits that will arrive within a few days on TA and TR as well. These new kits will be themed and will be a addition to the current vote crate.
Thank you to those who helped me create the material themes in game earlier this week.

More announcements soon,
have a good day,

- Rebirth Administration.