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Hello Everyone!

As a lot of you will be aware we have been having some issues with towny reborn recently.
A corruption in the netherworld files caused a large amount of lag and crashes to the server.
The corrupted netherworld has been deleted and with it some town claims have been lost.

If your towns buildings and land have been overclaimed as a result of this issue please message me (pixlelily) on the forums with coordinates and proof that the area is your towns.
This proof can be:
logs of when the area was claimed to show the chunks coordinates,
Screenshots showing the towny map,
any other media that clearly shows the plot and claim may be accepted.
If you provide sufficient proof I can force unclaim the plots so you may reclaim them with your own town.

if any old town owners come to me or any staff member with proof that their town was over-claimed in the corruption issue griefs can be rolled back when they are reclaimed by their original towns.

PLEASE DO NOT RAID FALLEN TOWNS! This is now Punishable! - 02/18/18
(Any towns that have been raided befoe this post was made will not be punished as they had not broken any rules. No post had been made telling you not to grief.)

Apologies for the late message, several of the admins have personal responsibilities to deal with and have not had a chance to get online.

Thank you for your patience
The admin team x

Ps. As you see, pix is an admin now. -Managering