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We've been made aware of an exploit within the player vaults plugin that we can't solve yet, so I've went ahead and disabled player vaults across all of our servers. You will not lose any items, we just need to fix this exploit before we allow them to be used again. I have no ETA for when they will be back, but hopefully soon.
Once again, you will not lose any items.

Greetings everyone,

As you all have noticed it got a little more crowded on the server lately.
So we decided to add some new additions to our staff team.
Please welcome;
@Luna_Heart , @CannonJ81 , @Markohh and @lienke2000
UPDATE: @Markohh joined the team aswell now!

They will be taught how to staff around and soon be super helpers, I am sure of that.

Enjoy playing people!

Make sure to claim the compensation package in time!
It ends in 20 hours, at 1PM EST
To claim it:
Store- global- checkout.

Throughout the past week I've done a few bug fixes and feature additions to SkyBlock that I thought you all should know about!

  • Keep Inventory is now enabled on your Island, Nether, and Spawn
  • Updated kit colors to be more aesthetically pleasing
  • Removed note ping on auto message announcement
  • VIP+ Members now have access to /nick (Basic options)
  • MVP Members now have access to /nick (Color options)
  • MVP+ Members now have access to /nick (Color and format options)
Bug Fixes:
  • Island hopper limit raised to 2,000
  • Island mob limit raised
  • Mobs can nolonger greif islands
  • Villagers randomly de-spawning on login
  • Villagers de-spawning from clear lag
  • Fixed VIP+ Kit typo
More awesome updates are to come (new spawn!).

Also, welcome @Cauliflowers to the staff team! We're extremely happy to have him on board. Make sure to give him a warm welcome :)


UPDATE 3: Towny is back online aswell now! Enjoy the lag free playing!

UPDATE 2: server is back up, maintenance done!, towny original will be back up soon!

UPDATE: Our server host was a tad late installing the new drives, only about 70 GB more to transfer! Things are moving really fast at this point.

[UPDATE: Now 5/24/16 (TODAY)] On Thursday, May 26th 2016 we will be performing server maintenance across our entire network. We've been trying to pinpoint what exactly the cause was for our lag spikes for quite a while now, and last night we were able to identify and confirm the issue.

What's this maintenance going to do?
We're performing updates and upgrades to all of our software and hardware which the servers are hosted on. This will take roughly EIGHT hours to complete.

What time will the downtime be at?
Everything will go down at 10 PM EST and will be back up by 6 AM EST. I will update this post if anything changes.

Our random lag spikes will be taken care of after that, I plan on doing a free compensation package on the store claimable to everyone for a limited amount of time. Thank you guys so much for your continued support and cooperation.

Hello everyone.

Sorry to inform you but the server is currently under maintenance and it's being fixed as we speak.

Hopefully it will be fixed in couple of hours.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for reading this post.

Cocolicious the potato ~
I've been hard at working prepping RebirthCraft for our brand new SkyBlock server! Listed below is some key information that you will want to know before you get started.

Before I get into this post, I'd like to also announce that the old SkyBlock server will also be available via /server sblegacy

When is it launching?
  • 2PM EST, 5/22/16
How can I join?
  • Enter the Lobby and click the Server Selector, then click SkyBlock
  • Type /skyblock or /server skyblock

What are the new features?
Well, there are far too many to count, but here are just a few:
  • Elegant Messages
  • New Vote Crate (Obtainable every vote)
  • New Drop Party Crate (Obtainable every 100 votes)
  • New SkyBlock Crate (Obtainable via the store)
  • New Ranks
  • New Scoreboard
  • New /trade system
  • New Auction House (/ah)
  • New TAB
  • Fixed mcMMO Usage
  • New Anti-Cheat System
  • New shop (All GUI based, /shop)
  • Overall Performance Upgrades
  • Many many more
Future planned editions include a PVP Arena, Market World, and more Challenges!

I'm really proud and extremely excited to be able to introduce a new era of SkyBlock to everybody within and joining the RebirthCraft Community! I know you guys are going to love it.
Don't forget, 2PM EST TODAY!


There will be a attempt to stabalize the economy of Towny original.
A series of economic changes will help in this attempt.
The first change is already through;
Lowering the price of iron ingots.

Do you think you have the perfect idea to stabalize the economy? What would you like to spend that 100mil on?
Let us know down below.

Greetings everyone,

Time for a good update;
Server is back up and everything went smooth!
Welcome back to the server, have fun!

Greetings everyone!

Sorry for the late notice
After the latest server crash we are doing some maintenance to prevent this problem from happening again.

The server will be back up in a couple of hours.
Sorry for the inconvenience,
Hello Everyone!
I am Oliver (0liverG) and I am here as your new manager. I am aware there were other managers that have come and go, but I intend to stay and provide you guys the best experience on RebirthCraft. I am 18 years old and attend high school in Dallas, Texas, and I work part-time at a store in my city. I have already implemented a few of my changes listed below.

- Redoing of Messages (Bounty, FeatherBoard, and more)
- Fixing of lag issues on Towny Original
- Auction house added (/ah)
- New chat format
- New death messages

Things Planned for the next few days:
- Bringing Updates to Towny Reborn
- Minimizing any kind of lag or lag spikes
- Monthly rewards

Thanks for reading everyone and I hope everyone has a fun week on Rebirth