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Hello all, it has come to our intention that version 1.10.1 of Minecraft (the latest update) has been causing players from servers even other than ours to crash. Please continue using the version 1.10 or lower before proceeding to play on RebirthCraft.

UPDATE: Hey guys, Gold here. Voting is back online! Enjoy :D

Please bare with us as Voting is currently broken or is being really slow we will update this post when we have an update on the situation thanks for understanding.
Hai there

I figured why not a 100% positive update on things!

So we got some new staff around like you may have noticed, just 6.

Congratulations to:
Xolop (bit late announcement, better late than never),
and IntoTh3Gr4y

Also congratulations to:
Elloelle, for achieving the mod rank.

Also, /disguise is back and working!

We hope we can assist you all better with all our new staffies and, of course, I will keep an eye out for more potential helpers ;)

Hi all,
As you know, Towny Original has been having some serious stability issues inevitably leading to the network itself to have stability issues.

We've changed the machine which housed Towny, and reworked the backend a little. We're also going to be adding a new system which will prevent the network from going down if a server goes down. This issue has caused us severe player loss recently and solving it will be a major help to maintain uptime. This is a redis-based redundancy system, and is expected to be deployed any time today or tomorrow.

Thanks for all your support
- veesayshi (Hi)
As you know, Towny Original has been having some serious stability issues inevitably leading to the network itself to have stability issues. The machine that houses Towny Original is currently under a lot of strain given it manages the Proxy, Lobby, and the databases.
To mitigate this issue, @veesayshi will be moving Towny Original over to a new, more powerful machine tonight.

Will Towny Original experience any down time?
Yes, approximately 3 hours starting from 10 PM EST and ending at 1 AM EST.

We made a huge stride last night on our backend during the maintenance, and we plan on doing the same today. Not only are we migrating Towny Original, we're adding in proxy redundancies we no longer have any sort of drop-out or interruption in the event that a machine goes offline.

Once again, I can't thank you guys enough for your insane support and massive understanding
- Gold
Me and @veesayshi are currently performing maintenance across the entire network to improve stability and functionality. This should take no longer then 2 additional hours to complete.

EDIT: We're looking at a few hours longer. My apologies. On the bright side, look forward to a compensation package in the store! :D

EDIT 2: I'm happy to say that we're back online! Much needed backend maintenance was performed allowing for increased stability :D

I'll update this post as we move along.

Back Online:
  • Proxy
  • Lobby
  • SkyBlock
  • Towny Original
  • Towny Reborn

Thank you for your patience,
Lately we've been discussing whether or not we should host a monthly war event within T1 or T2 where we allow towny wars. Please vote on the poll provided on what you think :)

But Gold! What is towny wars?
Glad you asked! For a limited time the server essentially turns into factions, you're allowed to pillage towns for their goods, grief, and takeover what you choose. This of course would be once a month thing and would only last for a weekend at max.

Leave your suggestions down below!
Hi there,

As you may have noticed, the server is not joinable at this moment. It seems to be a problem with the bungee. Sinjin has tried to fix this but cannot seem to access it properly.
Sadly, we will have to wait for Gold to wake up. Seeing how it is now 4am there, and he went to bed 2 hours ago... I cannot give you guys a ETA.

Sorry for the inconvenience, can't say we enjoy being down either...


Server is back up, for some strange reason Gold only sleeps for 4 hours and wakes up at 6.40am!
Hey all!
We're back online with limited access.
The following servers are online and joinable:
  • Towny Reborn
  • SkyBlock
  • Hub
  • Proxy
The following servers are not available:
  • Towny Original
  • SkyBlock Legacy
We have technicians looking into why the machine is went down, until then we will be unable to access Towny Original or SBL. As stated, we're working diligently to get all servers back online and operational.

Again, I cannot thank you guys enough for your continued support.
- Gold
We're aware that the server is offline and are working diligently to get it back online.
Thank you for your patience.