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Hey guys,

The staff team has decided to hold another Player VS Wither event, which will be held today. It starts at around 2:50 or possibly 3:00PM (incase of delay) EST.

Rules are simple:

No hacks, of course.
Two withers a person.
One life per person.

Important Info:
There will be keep inventory on this time
Annd there's no way out unless you of course die to the withers.

All in all, I'm excited to see how this will end so see you guys at 2:50PM!

- Markohh/Helpering
Hello, as some of you can see the server is down for maintenance! It should be back up in a few hours. until then skyblock is still up and running! Or stop by the hub and hang out with me! Thank you for your patience and understanding <3
Hey guys

There will be a PvW event on Towny Reborn tomorrow. It will be held 4.30 EST.

In the event:
- The survivors take the loot
- Two withers a person
- No keep inventory
- One life
- NO hacks
- No way out apart from death (or remaining alive till the end)

See you all in 23 hours.

We have recently been having issues with the data center which our central databases were hosted on. We've been trying several solutions to find the best fit. Our system administrators have recently moved us into a redundant cluster, which has a fallback if any issues should occur in the future. We apologize for our instability, we should be 100% stable from here on out.

Towny Original, Towny Reborn and skyblock are all up and running. Everything is back and we hope it will stay on.
Thank you for your continued support,

Rebirth Staff.
As some of you might have noticed, towny reborn has been down for couple of hours, there's no estimated time on when it'll be up, but it's being fixed.

Thank you for being patient and sorry for any inconvenience.
Currently, Towny1 is up and living and we will bring news to you later on what occurs on Towny2 & Skyblock. There is currently no ETA, but we HOPE to bring you updates later with them coming up.

-Update - Towny2 back alive, still no ETA on Skyblock.
-Update - All servers up and running.
As most of you already know, the server has been down for a bit now, we had some issues and it needed to shut down so we can deal with it, the problem has been fixed and the whole server is up and running at the moment.
Towny works normally
Towny reborn works normally
Skyblock works normally

Thank you for being patient and you're welcome to rejoin us as always.

Ps:I got a new account called PotatoQueenCoco so if ya need help I'm here as always.
Hey there guys,

Since Towny 2 has been down for a while this weekend I am extending the event for both T1 and T2.
You will have 24 hours after I post this to complete and submit your build.

Goodluck and have fun.

-Update: Final extension date: July 18th.

We've made a few quick adjustments to Towny Original for better stability and such. The changes are listed below.

New JSON Based Chat System
This new system allows for us to implement a wide array of awesome features in the future. Some basic commands to navigate your way around the new system are as followed.
  • /ch list - Channel list
  • /ch (channel) - Join a specific channel

Known Bugs:
  • No voting rewards being given out, this only effects Towny Original
  • Messages / PMs are buggy. Use the command /emsg to private message people while we sort it out.
Sorry about all the bugs lately, we've been working through them and making sure things operate 100% all the time.

Thank you for your continued support,
VOTE CLOSED! What now?
"Reset" has won the Towny Original Reset POLL by 149votes to 139votes. However i am aware that this vote may not be 100% fair as players (especially voting reset) have been creating false accounts. Reset gained 30 votes in 2 hours a couple of days ago which i am sure (and other players agree) was one person creating multiple accounts. If this hadn't happened i can guess the vote would have been in favour of No Reset by 20votes!!!!

Those of you who voted NO RESET Don't Panic!
I am not staff and therefore this poll will not have the final say in whether Towny Original resets. This was just a vote to get people's opinion on the subject.
High up Staff and Gold will of course have the final say on the reset and if they decide to go ahead, when and what will happen when it takes place.

But what if Towny Original does reset?
I am not 100% sure about this but i will tell you what i can.
1) You will DEFINITELY keep your ranks (Donor ranks and play time ranks).
2) The map will DEFINITELY reset. There is no negotiating this, it will happen as it is half the point in a reset.
3) You should keep your warp if you purchased it before March 27th 2016.
4) You will lose your money - However, this will help fix Towny Original's ruined economy.
5) Towny Original will DEFINITELY run smoother.
6) The rest of the Rebirthcraft network should not be affected